NFL team revenue, payroll and value

While the NFL just finished its 2011 draft this weekend, it once again is in a lockout, with the owners and players fighting over revenue, season length, health care and other issues. The actual numbers for each of the teams are hard to come by, but thanks to Forbes, we wanted to see what kind of money is being fought over by the 32 owners (as a confession, I am a little biased towards the players).

As seen here, the revenue exceeds payroll by hundreds of millions of dollars per team. While Forbes and the teams in general are not clear on what revenue means, it is possible that the net earnings per year are higher or lower if other expenses are included. At first glance it seems like owners should be making concessions, especially when an average players career is extremely short and often the rest of their lives destroyed due to tremendous musculoskeletal and neurological issues.

In terms of team value, the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins lead the way, with the Jacksonville Jaguars bringing up the rear. Much of this estimate is based on the value of the stadium, which from my understanding comes mostly from tax payer money.

Estimated NFL team values

More than half the teams are valued above $1 billion, with each one above $725 million. The numbers are astounding, and regardless of which side you support, the only clear message I have really taken away from all this expense research is that neither side really cares about the fans. When there is so much money at stake, greed is the number one priority.

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